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Florida (Cont.2.)   
07:20pm 31/08/2007
mood: cheerful

Universal Islands of Adventure! You'll have to check facebook for photos after the 7th (when thery'll get posted from my home computer). This park kicks ass for anyone who has ever been into comic books. (Well, Marvel). I went on hulk, twice, with no que, which is aaalways good. It's fast, but kinda short. Then we walked through 'Marvel Island' (one of the five areas) and had photos with Cyclops and Rogue and Storm. Rogue said she liked my hair, and I should be an X-man! (I have that massive blonde thing in the front of my hair now, just like she does.)

We also had a picture with Wolverine later in the day. Hugh Jackman he was not.

Spider-man ("Take, the goggles, off.") was the most amazing ride ever. It's like a drive through 3-D roller coaster. It is like nothing you've ever been on. Awesome. (And 3-D in this case comes complete with real fire, and lots of water!)

We also did....Jurassic Park!!! This was also really good, as when you entered the area it had the massive jurrassic park arch, like in the film, and at the start of the ride you went through the big wood doors like at the start of the drive-tour in the film.

Lastly, dueling dragons, fire and ice. Two seperate coasters that intertwine. I road fire, and felt no need to do ice. For some reason, this was of great amusement. I was -not- scared, whatever they say.

The most noteable part of this day was the purchasing of a $300 embroidered family crest and history by my parents. It should arrive, after being made, in 8 - 12 weeks. It is stunning.

We, despite being almost dead, finished the day by going back to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks. (Universal closed at 7). The main purpose of my visit was the find a Simba pressed coin. Lets just say I wrecked myself trying, to no avail.

We eventually collapsed home, half dead, at about midnight.

Was spent resting. RESTING. We did go to downtown disney in the evening, which was pretty boring apart from the disney art shop. Rachelle would have gone gaga over it. Disney + Original Artwork = *Drool*. I desperatly wanted this $600 piece, maybe A2 size, paint, though i'm not sure what sort, mainly pink, with the outline of Beauty and the Beast in a paler pinky- white. It was far most heart-stopping than it sounds. I was $100 dollars off :( So I compensated by buying a little Eeyore. Not quite the same though.

Was also a "rest" day. We went to a mall in the afternoon, where I picked up some really nice, stupildly cheap clothes.


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Florida (Cont.)   
01:17pm 28/08/2007
mood: sleepy

We went to SeaWorld today. Got there about 11, no que to get in, and we went straight to book our evening meal at a busy restraunt where you're in a globe of sharks. 

The first thing we went to see was a sealion and otter show. 'Clyde and Slappy take Pirate Island'. The best bit was this tiny little otter that ran across the stage at random intervals, occasionally stealing the pirate map. All in all, not a fantastic show, but worth seeing because the smaller sea lions were so cute. (They looked like the one in the film 'Andre').

Next was the Kraken, one of two rides in the park, a massive rollercoaster, kind of like Nemesis, but spaced out more. Again, short que - we seem to have been really lucky with them this holiday.

Following Kraken, mum, dad, Katie, Amy and I went on 'Journey to Atlantis'. It's kind of a cross between 'It's a Small World' and 'Hydro' in Oakwood Park. Just with sea monsters instead of singing kids. Woot woot!

We did Shamu then. This is ment to be the big lure for seaworld - a family of killer whales in a show called 'Believe'. It was the most sad, sickly thing I've ever seen. The cast were enough to make you gag, and the 'stage' (where the whales also lived) was tiny and made me want to cry. Shamu's tale was culred in at the edges from being in a tank that was too small. Enough said.

We went to see 'Blue Horizons' after Shamu. This was much better, a group of dolphins (much smaller, in a bigger "stage", and moved in from a bigger pool elsewhere on site.) and two small whales that were -adorable-, plus a massive flock of parrots, and a vulture. The cast were equally sickly - a blonde girl in a pink flowery leotard that steps though a window and can swim and fly, but is scared to (Gag, gag). Kind of a Nightmares and Dreamscapes thing.

Then, as the show finished the weather moved in - but we'd anticipated it this time. Woohoo! As it was 5.10, we ran for our 5.30 restraunt booking before the rain started. It tipped it down for an hour, but all while we were eating!!! Now, this restraunt was awesome. You know those tubes you walk through in aquariums that have fish above you and to the side of you? Well, it was one of those, but the fish were all around you in a massive circle, not a tube. We made four sharky friends - Bender and Andrew, Egor, and Speedy. Speedy is so named because that shark was SHIT FAST (of course!) and Egor was so named because he reminded us of said character from 'Frakenstine'. His top teeth stuch our at almost 90 degrees, straight out, and he looked like he had been in a collision with another shark, because he has a hump-back. His head was about half a foot lower than his back! Andrew and Bender were a gay couple - they both had curled in fins! The tank was massive, and it was nice not worrying about the welfare of the sharks like we did with Shamu.

After dinner we went back to see the Sealion and Otter show. We were a bit dubious, as although it was a different show, the morning one had been a bit naff. But, it was undercover, and it was still raining a bit. To start, we watched the mime for half an hour as people filed in. This guy was a scream. He was kiss peoples hands, then spit (silently!) as they went to sit down. He'd walk people to 'free' seats, but pretend to chuck out the people who were sitting there. He'd rate people once they'd walked past - holding up a number ion his fingers. Seriously, you had to been there. It also turned out that this show was the best one we'd seen all day. It was basically a piss take of the other shows. Watching the otter and sealion trainers rip this piss out of the pretensious dolphin and whale trainers made me cry with laughter - and Shamu was represented by a fricken -massive brown, hairy sealion. And the otter was in it again too!

We ran to buy photos from the rides we went on, and then Katie deperatly wanted to see the dolphins. It was magic. You got to stand next to there pool, and they swam up to the side and you could stroke them. We're swimming with them in Discovery Cove on Friday, but this was amazing. It wasn't crowed either, because by this time is was 9pm! Katie was so cute too.

Last but not least was 'Shamu Rocks' another shamu show, but in the darm, with rock music. Better than the last, but still sad. We were -so- tired when we got home!

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Florida Catch-Up.   
08:39pm 25/08/2007
mood: exhausted
(Today is Saturday)

We landed at 3.15 EST (five hours behind home time :) ) and absolutely -zoomed- through immigration, which was -so- pleased about. We got to the villa at about... I dunno, 5.30ish? Its about an hour from the airport, and literally -one minute- from the six disney parks. And it is GORGEOUS. The dinner / lounge / nook / kitchen is all open plan, with three arch-ways to the three lower suites, and the upstairs there are two further suites. Pictures will make their way to facebook when I get home! Im typing from the computer - all modern, super-fast, and Vista-loaded (I must say, it's really easy to use, and I actually like the interface better than XP).

When we got in we dumped bag and dove straight into our own pool, while mum and dad went shopping (they came back with lager!) then joined us outside. We spent the whole night outside, and it was warm until midnight! Score.

We woke up at about eight, and were out by 9.30. At 10.00 we were inside Disney's "Blizzard Beach" water park. Again, so totally lush! We dumped out bag on a little island and hit the pool, follwed by a 6-person per rubber ring-slide, a lazy river that was sooo good, and a twisty, turny, head-first board slide. We soaked up sun until about three, when the MOTHER OF ALL STORMS hit. Seriously hit. The rides all closed, and after looking around the shop (where I bought a book to put my pressed coins in) (not sad!) we called it a day and headed home. Oh my gosh, the storms here are unbelievable. And it's the first time they've had a storm this summer! Until Thursday THEY HAD HAD A DROUGHT! And back home, you guys are in the middle of a heat wave! Typical.

After getting home, we showered and changed and headed out onto Highway 192, which is a tourists Mecca. It is littered with gift shops, restaunts, hotels, shows (including Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede!) and sooo much crap. There are about 8 McDonalds, a handful of Burger Kings, Subways, Pizza Hut, 4 IHOPs (a pancake house) and loads of individual places too. We looked round countless souvenier shops, all selling cheap disney knock-offs, and finally sat down to eat at about 10, in a Chinese/American/Italian buffet. $12.99. I am never doing an American buffet again. It was the most dodgey food I have ever come across. -Never- again.

Saturday. (Today).
Today it was Disney's "Magic Kingdom". We started with Indy Speedway, then did Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Everyone got soaked - it was such a relief from the heat! Unfortunatly we couldn't complete the third mountain (Space Mountain) because it was being tempremental. Gutted. So, we headed to a Jungle Cruise, on which the tourguide rattled off some heavily memorised, mildly funny, jungle related puns in a voice that screamed 'Disney is no fun when you work here!'. At the end he made some wry coments about how proud his parents were of him. Bless him.

Lunch was nice - we're addicted to the food in Disney. The chips are actually potatoe (no McDOnalds muck) and the burgers are real meat! Woohoo!

Following lunch we did Pirates of the Carribean (don't ask me to spell it correctly!) which was amazing, just like the one in Paris - only now it has Jonny Depp as Jack Sparrow in it! We saw three scenes with him in, and seriously, it looks like a human playing him, the robot is so life-like.

The highligh of the day was Mickey's Philhar-Magic. Its a medly of disney songs led by Mickey Mouse, with the charaters in 3D through glasses. Its so funny watching with dad, because he ducks when thing come at him. This particular show was "4D" - complete with wind, water, and the smell of food from 'Be Our Guest". We're going to do it again one evening.

We then spilt up, Mum, Katie and Amy to go to a gift shop, and dad, myself, Liam and Matthew to take photos in the very center of the park, just infront of the castle. This was at 5.30 - which was when the weather moved in. Seriously, when it rains here, is POURS. We were drenched in seconds, and ran like mad for the exits. Its just died down now (it's 9.04) but we think it'll be like this most afternoons for the next few days. Its hard to be as excited about the rain as the Florideans are when we're missing things because of it!

We're eating in tonight, so no tales of dodgy food tomorrow!
09:33pm 11/02/2007
mood: crazy
Went over Becky's today, 'cause Sarah said I could go home from work. Oh yes. Steve cooked us a Sunday dinner. Woohoo! Real food! (Im exadurating really, I eat well, actualy.)

Anywho, the point of this post: ajegsoharlsgnLA?KNga;phn lhjlkjg MEREDITH aspegoih'eopanh'poajg#doanhj DENNY BACK!? :S ;ikngbk/;,lAEG. NOT GOING TO CLIMB OUT OF THE WATER BECAUSE 'WE DONT PLAY AROUND ON GREYS ANATOMY'. INFOIG:OKMG@P POWFKJ@ ~{PKR PHPROKWOPRK. YES!!!

I mean WTF???

Thank you.
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New House   
08:44pm 04/02/2007
mood: drained
We signed our new house yesterday. Well, our house mates did.

We have to sign tomorrow, and provide £250. Each.

So, today we have collected items and the like to sell to provide this money, messed up our living room, then realised that if we save two of my half-termly school bursaries, use part of Liam's overdraft AND the £200 we have now, we may be able to pay it. So all the stuff got put away again (but not really, it's all over the living room still.)

We are now watching Top Gear. i heart Hugh Grant.
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09:32am 29/01/2007
mood: awake
I have a free few hours this morning (until 12) so I have stolen Liam ad we are going to watc 'Crash' again, which we bought on sale the other day. Then I have English and History (though my English teach isn't in) so I may be able tocome home again and watch the My Little Pony movie, which we also got on sale.

I should start updating in the evening, when I actualy have stuff to say!!!
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08:29am 23/01/2007
  Again, seriously, what the TIME!?!

Liam needs to learn to sleep. Work soon. Shit, actualy, is that the time? Why the hell am I on here? (Work at nine - 15 minute walk) (Yeah, still in a dressing gown.) (Crap)

(SHould really go)
So many things making me totally meh-some.   
08:01am 22/01/2007
mood: blah
Why oh why am I up this early??? Liam is too chirpy for it to actualy be 8am.

How can you be horny at 8am???

The new episode of grey' isnt on fanpop yet charl :( :( :( I feel like crying.

Actualy, it was on there, just - the videos wouldnt play. So, just the same really.

Work is piling on the hours too, im doing 6 days this week, plus my college hours. Liam has less uni hours, and he's only doing three. Its because he's firm. I just - cant say no.

My hair is greasy, my skin has exploded in crap because I didnt cleanse after going out last night (should I just cut out make-up all together???) and the bags under my eyes are violet. VIOLET.

I need wheatabix, water, grey's, the worlds best concealers, a shower, and if possible, a bit of McDreamy (hell, why not, throw in a Mrs MCDreamy too.) Sound do-able?
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11:46am 12/01/2007
mood: aggravated
History was much better than Psych. There was still a question in the Weimar section that phased me slightly though.

You know, Im so sick of hearing about moving in with friends. ick sick sick.

Sick sick sick sick sick.

I moved up here to be with Liam, you know? Not witha million and one people so I have to fight for his attention like any time other than when im naked. (And even then, if Top Gear is on...)

Am I being unreasonable? When we were deciding whether to move up here, he swore he didnt want to uni experiance, didnt mind missing it at all, he was going for the aducation. All he wanted was to be with me.


Obviously, not enough now.

We'll see. We will see.
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08:11pm 08/01/2007
  ... was...meh. Flb. I think it was okay, tbh.

Only thing is, the biggest question was phrased slightly ambiguously, and I have a feeling I may not have answered exactly what they were asking.

Which, is...well, a bit of a bugger really.

Food tonight has made me ill. Does anyone think i seem to be ill a lot? I was accused of it yesterday by a non-friend. Take no notice Hannah. (Right???)

Does anyone fancy coming up in half term? I miss you guys!
11:07pm 03/01/2007
  Angrgh flb jsh... just remembered - exams soon. Pish. Night (again).  
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11:02pm 03/01/2007
mood: tired
Back in Leeds after a long, long, long, and messy journey. Train terminated two stations early, then the new one went into Manchester Piccadily instead of Victoria, so we the subway, and then got home about four hours late.

Need sleep.

Over and out.
New Year!   
02:53am 01/01/2007
mood: disappointed
Long time, no update.

Actualy, very long time, no update.

I am in Liams, every so tipsy and ever so ever so slightly ill.

People are in Lims room almost asleep, so I thought I'd sneak down and type my way into the new year.

Im wishing ever so slightly that I was with my parents. I thought tonight was, like, a big party that it would be rude to turn down - plus Liam said we could go see my family too. Andie said he couldnt go out though.

Mum called and said Wendy was alking about Nana and was upset and ever so slightly pished. I miss nana.

Actualy, stupid new year, I dont want a new year without nan.
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01:23pm 17/01/2006
  I swear there is someone in my house. If im dead next time you hear from me, you'll know why XD  
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07:04pm 16/10/2005
  Hehe, Liam and I just spent the last half hour lying on our backs on my parents bed making malteasers levitate. I'm totaly going to make ALL of you learn to do this. Its so coooool!!! :D  
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05:23pm 13/10/2005
  I want my prozac back.  
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06:08pm 11/10/2005
  Tired, achey, missing Liam like hell, cant be BOTHERED to do my English and my hands are fecking killing me. Does no one use LJ anymore?  
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07:45pm 10/10/2005

And I know that you already HAVE fucked off, and that that's the whole fucking PROBLEM but now would you please GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD.
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07:51pm 04/10/2005
  I'm in such a weird, the-future-is-here mood. I've spent all evening crying and I don't even know why. I mean, for pete's sake! I'm in a better state than i've been in for god-knows-how-long, and I have *liam* and im *coping* in school, so what the hell is wrong!?

Hell, there I go, i'm crying again. And I dont fucking know why! WHy, what the hell is wrong!?

I feel...jolted. Like my lungs and my heart are shaking.

Like I want to reach for something.

And I dont want to fucking feel like this again.
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04:03pm 08/07/2005
  Friends and family hotline for London explosions: 0870 1566 344